American Graffiti Monologues

American Graffiti (Manager)

MANAGER: Sit down a minute. Listen, it”s early in the morning. Now, I can”t really talk for the Wolfman. But I think if he was here he”d tell you to get your ass in gear. Now, no offense to your home town here, but this place ain”t exactly the hub of the universe, if you know what I mean. And well – I”ll tell you this much – the Wolfman does come in here now and then, with tapes, to check up on me, you know, and when I hear the stories he got about the places he goes. Hell, here I sit while there”s a big beautiful world out there, don”t ya know. Wolfman comes in last time talking about some exotic jungle country, handing me cigars he says was rolled on the naked thighs of brown beauties. The Wolfman been everywhere and he seen everything. He got so many stories, so many memories. And here I sit sucking on popsicles. I”m no kid anymore. I been here a long time. And the Wolfman – well, the Wolfman gave me my start and he”s sorta become my life. I can”t leave him now. Gotta be loyal to the Wolfman, you understand. I tell you what. If I can possibly do it tonight, I”ll try to relay this dedication and get it on the air for you later on.More Monologues from “American Graffiti”

American Graffiti (Terry)

TERRY: Oh yeah? I used to have a couple of horses myself. I used them for hunting. I do a lot of hunting. Deer mostly, although I got a couple of bear last year. Yep, they were good ponies – hunting ponies. I had to train “em special, you know. I had to sell “em. To get these wheels… and a jeep. I also have a jeep pick-up, with four-wheel drive. It”s got a gun rack. And I use that for hunting mostly.More Monologues from “American Graffiti”

American Graffiti (Debbie)

DEBBIE: You know, I had a pretty good time tonight. No, no, really. I really had a good time. I mean, you picked me up and we got some hard stuff and saw a hold-up, and then we went to the Canal, you got your car stolen, and then I got to watch you gettin” sick, and then you got in this bitchin” fight… I really had a good time. Anyway if you”re not doing anything tomorrow night, why don”t you come over? I got to go. Goodnight.More Monologues from “American Graffiti”

American Graffiti (Joe)

JOE: Listen, ah – Carl, I – Curt. Despite you scratching Gil”s car, I like you. And I know what you”d like more than anything right now. Like every guy in town, you got the same secret dream, right? Ya want to join the Pharaohs. Huh? You can admit it – you”d like to – but you never dreamed it could be possible, did you? Well, tonight, I”m goin” to give you your chance. Now you got three choices. One, you chicken out. In that case, I let Ants tie you to the car and drag you around a little bit. And you don”t want that, right? Two, you foul up and Holstein hears you and well, ah… you don”t want that, right? Three, you are successful and you join the Pharaohs with a carcoat, and the blood initiation and all that, huh?More Monologues from “American Graffiti”

American Graffiti (John)

JOHN: That”s Freddy Benson”s Vette… he got his head on with some drunk. Never had a chance. Damn good driver, too. What a waste when somebody gets it and it ain”t even their fault. That Vette over there. Walt Hawkins, a real ding-a-ling. Wrapped it around a fig tree out on Mesa Vista with five kids in it. Draggin” with five kids in the car, how dumb can you get? All the ding-a-lings get it sooner or later. Maybe that”s why they invented cars. To get rid of the ding-a-lings. Tough when they take someone with them. I”ve never been beaten – lot of punks have tried. See that “41 Ford there? Used to be the fastest wheels in the valley. I never got a chance to race old Earl. He got his in “55 in the hairiest crash ever happened around here. He was racing a “54 Chevy, bored and loaded, out on the old Oakdale Highway and every damn kid in town was out there. The Chevy lost its front wheel doing about 85. The idiot had torched the spindles to lower the front end and it snapped right off. He slammed bam into the Ford and then they both of them crashed into a row of cars and all those kids watchin! Jesus, eight kids killed including both drivers, looked like a battlefield. Board of Education was so impressed they filmed it. Show it now in Drivers Education, maybe you”ll see it. Anyway, since then street racing”s gone underground. No spectators, I mean. Too bad.More Monologues from “American Graffiti”

American Graffiti (Laurie)

LAURIE: You take me out? When we first met you didn”t have enough sense to take the garbage out… I asked you out, remember? Backwards Day – remember? If I had waited for you to ask me – even after that you didn”t call me for two weeks. You were scared. Dave Oboler told me. Then when you did ask me out you didn”t kiss me for three dates. I even asked my father why you hadn”t kissed me. He said he thought you were bright and you”d probably think of kissing me after a while. You didn”t, of course. I had to. Remember that picnic? Oh boy! You can”t remember anything – the first one, up at the lake. That was the first time you kissed me – I practically had to throw myself at you. (Laurie starts to cry, hating herself for it.) Go to hell.More Monologues from “American Graffiti”