Youre a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Schroeder)

Schroeder: I”m sorry to have to say it to your face, Lucy, but it”s true. You”re a very crabby person. I know your crabbiness has probably become so natural to you now that you”re not even aware when you”re being crabby, but it”s true just the same. You”re a very crabby person and you”re crabby to just about everyone you meet. Now I hope you don”t mind my saying this, Lucy, and I hope you”re take it in the spirit that it”s meant. I think we should be very open to any opportunity to learn more about ourselves. I think Socrates was very right when he said that one of the first rules for anyone in life is “Know Thyself”. Well, I guess I”ve said about enough. I hope I haven”t offended you or anything. (awkward exit)More Charlie Brown Monologues