Training Day Monologues

Training Day (Alonzo Harris)

Awwww, you motherfuckers. Okay. Alright. I’m putting cases on all you bitches! Huh. You think you can do this shit. Jake! You think you can do this to me?! You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I get finished with you! SHU program, nigga. 23 hour lockdown! I’m the man up in this piece! You’ll never see the light of…..who the fuck do you think you’re fucking with? I’m the police, I run shit around here. You just live here! Yeah, that’s right, you better walk away! Go on and walk away, ’cause I’m gonna burn this motherfucker down. King Kong ain’t got shit on me! That’s right, that’s right. Shit, I don’t, fuck. I’m winning anyway, I’m winning… I’m winning any motherfucking way. I can’t lose. Yeah, you can shoot me, but you can’t kill me.

Training Day (Moreno)

You’re fuckin’s stupid ese, why don’t you take your medication or somethin’s holmes? Seriously eh? Hey, I know I’m number one. See why we don’t play for money holmes? Cuz of this vato eh? That’s nice eh? Let’s see your guerta right there. … Hey c’mon what is it? Like a .380? Stainless? … Like, like, like this one here? … Is that right. Well see here here’s where the problem comes into play. I seen this one. I wanna see yours. Come on ese, I ain’t gonna shoot nobody. Hehe, queno. C’mon holmes. Let me check it out eh. … Hehe queno otra vey … Hoo damn, learn that in the academy or what? Neat little trick. This is nice holmes. Nice right here. Fuck a vato up with this huh queno, hell yea holmes, hehe. You know what you do is aim kinda like that … Aaaahhehehe, I just playin’ with you dog. … Hey white boy. Hey white boy. You ask me holmes, that’s just of course if you ask, think Alonzo played you for a fool ese.