Training Day (Moreno)

You’re fuckin’s stupid ese, why don’t you take your medication or somethin’s holmes? Seriously eh? Hey, I know I’m number one. See why we don’t play for money holmes? Cuz of this vato eh? That’s nice eh? Let’s see your guerta right there. … Hey c’mon what is it? Like a .380? Stainless? … Like, like, like this one here? … Is that right. Well see here here’s where the problem comes into play. I seen this one. I wanna see yours. Come on ese, I ain’t gonna shoot nobody. Hehe, queno. C’mon holmes. Let me check it out eh. … Hehe queno otra vey … Hoo damn, learn that in the academy or what? Neat little trick. This is nice holmes. Nice right here. Fuck a vato up with this huh queno, hell yea holmes, hehe. You know what you do is aim kinda like that … Aaaahhehehe, I just playin’ with you dog. … Hey white boy. Hey white boy. You ask me holmes, that’s just of course if you ask, think Alonzo played you for a fool ese.