Julie Christie Monologues

Away From Her (Fiona Anderson)

I’m not all gone, Grant. Just, going. There are things I wish would go away. But won’t. You know. Things we don’t talk about. You never left me. You still made love to me, despite disturbing demands elsewhere. But all those sandals, Grant. All those bare female toes. What could you do but be a part of the time you were a part of? All those pretty girls. Didn’t seem like anyone was willing to be left out. I think you did all right, compared to some of your colleagues. Those who left their wives and the women who wouldn’t put up with it. I think people are too demanding. People want to be in love every single day. What a liability. And then that silly girl. That silly girl Veronica. Girls that age are always going around saying they’re going to kill themselves. But that was that. Promised me a new life. We moved out here, that is exactly what you gave me. How long ago was that?