Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (Longfellow Deeds)

About my playing the tuba. Seems like a lot of fuss has been made about that. If, if a man’s crazy just because he plays the tuba, then somebody’d better look into it, because there are a lot of tuba players running around loose. ‘Course, I don’t see any harm in it. I play mine whenever I want to concentrate. That may sound funny to some people, but everybody does something silly when they’re thinking. For instance, the judge here is, is an O-filler. An O-filler. You fill in all the spaces in the O’s with your pencil. I was watching him. That may make you look a little crazy, your Honor, just, just sitting around and filling in O’s, but I don’t see anything wrong ’cause that helps you think. Other people are doodlers. This is the piece of paper he was scribbling on. I can’t figure it out. One minute it looks like a chimpanzee, and the next minute, it looks like a picture of Mr. Cedar. You look at it, Judge. Exhibit A for the defense. It looks kind of stupid, doesn’t it, your Honor? But I guess that’s alright if Dr. Von Haller has to doodle to help him think, that’s his business. Everybody does something different. Some people are ear-pullers, some are nail-biters. That Mr. Semple over there is a nose-twitcher. And the lady next to him is a knuckle-cracker. So you see, everybody does silly things to help them think. Well, I play the tuba.